Livestream Gorillaz’s First-Ever “On-Camera” Interview

Gorillaz “members” Murdoc and 2D are participating in the group’s first-ever live video chat today. They’ll be interviewed by BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam. Murdoc released the following statement about their “on-camera” debut:

Get ready for the online event of the century – a live audience with me, Murdoc Niccals. Thanks to our comrades over at Electronic Beats, you can watch me and 2D live on the sofa and ask anything you want. Or just tell me how much you love me. But keep it clean, yeah?

It starts at 10AM EST. Watch below.

Tomorrow, a week before Humanz officially comes out, you’ll be able to livestream it from the official Gorillaz app as long as you’re at one of 500 different predetermined locations around the globe.

Humanz is out 4/28.

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