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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

If Kendrick Lamar had not released an actual music video this week, then the week’s best music-related video would surely be the shaky camera-phone footage of Kendrick Lamar’s Coachella set — both a giddy victory lap and some sort of improbable, outsized career pinnacle. The best part is the sea of silhouetted hands always at the bottom of the screen, upraised, giddy, overjoyed to be in the presence of a man who is, at this moment, the best thing we’ve got going. And in a couple of days, we’ll get more videos just like it. Damn. This week’s picks are below.

5. The Obsessives – “You’re My God” (Dir. Kyle Thrash)

A giddy portrait of teenage ennui, of the race to put yourself in as many weird situations as possible while at the same time looking like you’re absolutely over all of it. Low-budget videos almost never have cinematography this good.

4. Lethal Bizzle – “I Win” (Feat. Skepta) (Dir. ?)

I can’t imagine it’s easy to bring the energy of a jackhammering grime banger to the screen, but if you’re filling your videos with motorcycles flying off in every direction, you’re probably on the right path.

3. French Montana – “Unforgettable” (Feat. Swae Lee) (Dir. Spiff TV & French Montana)

Every single one of the little kid dancers in this video should be a millionaire.

2. Isaac Gracie – “Reverie” (Dir. Clara Aranovich)

An unbelievably sad and scary premise — sort of like the opening pages of Y: The Last Man, except in reverse — rendered somehow beautiful.

1. Kendrick Lamar – “DNA.” (Dir. Nabil & The Little Homies)

Could we get a Kendrick Lamar biopic greenlit, and could we get Don Cheadle to play him? Would that be possible?