Delta Flight Subjected To Impromptu Kenny G Performance

It seems that air travel is becoming more and more hazardous. Two weeks ago, Chicago police injured and dragged a doctor from his seat on an overbooked United flight when he wouldn’t voluntarily leave the plane. Over the weekend, an American Airlines flight attendant hit a woman in the face with a stroller, narrowly missing her baby’s head, and then offered to fight a passenger who stood up for her. And last week, perhaps most frightening of all, Delta passengers were forced to endure an in-flight Kenny G performance.

TMZ reports that the smooth jazz leviathan played a spur-of-the-moment set on a Delta flight from Tampa to Los Angeles last week. He’d agreed to walk up and down the aisle, tootling away, if passengers on the flight donated $2,000 to the charity Relay For Life. The passengers raised the money, and Kenny G performed. Watch it all unfold below.

No word on whether Kenny G donated all $2,000 himself. (Look, I’m sorry, this seems like a nice thing to do. But Kenny G jokes are too easy to pass up.)

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