Kodak Black’s “Excessive Burping” Questioned At Probation Violation Hearing

On Friday, the young Florida rapper Kodak Black had a probation hearing. Kodak is currently in jail after a probation violation, and he’s hoping to get out soon; he’s already rejected a plea deal. As the Sun Sentinel reports, one of the issues at the hearing was the charge that Kodak attacked a bartender at a Florida strip club in February. The bartender also testified in the hearing, but so did another bartender at the same club, who claimed that Kodak had never touched his accuser.

But it appears that the strangest moment in the hearing came when Kodak’s anger management counselor testified. According to that counselor, she had to kick Kodak out of a court-ordered group session recently because Kodak was “repeatedly burping.” She also says that he refused to leave afterward, and he grabbed her wrist and her phone when she threatened to dial 911. She recommended individual therapy for Kodak, but a supervisor simply removed him from the program. The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

Here’s a local news report on the hearing:

Kodak Black’s case certainly brings up plenty of issues, but I don’t think anyone expected fucking burping to be one of them.

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