Hear Three Songs Shamir Co-Wrote With His Childhood Friend RESA

Last week, Shamir surprise-released Hope, a 10-track collection of indie rock songs that he wrote over the weekend and posted to SoundCloud the next morning. Earlier today, he took to Twitter to tease the release of another new project, which turns out to be an EP of three lo-fi “deconstructed pop” songs he wrote with his childhood friend RESA. As he explains on SoundCloud:

Accidental pop star #2. I met RESA in sixth grade and decide to bully her until 8th grade were word got around that dispite her bubbly personality, she still had hands to throw. So i stopped and decided to just write songs with her throughout highschool instead. We never really got a chance to release anything Till this period of my life cuz of HOPE (mind you i purchased her plane tickets weeks before i recorded HOPE) so while she was out here I made her write and perfect her own brand of Lofi Deconstructed Pop since i was too busy to give her attention. This is what turned out and i hope you enjoy! I love making REAL music with my REAL friends and as always, more to come.

Listen to “BRO,” “REAL ASS BITCH,” and “DOCTOR” below.

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