Superorganism – “It’s All Good”

Superorganism – “It’s All Good”

A couple months ago, a song by an artist called Superorganism made its way around the blog world. The group purports to be a collective effort between a girl who lives in Maine and seven people who live in London, and “something for your M.I.N.D.” was their debut single. It has since been taken offline, presumably for sample clearance issues, but they’re back with a new track that debuted on Beats 1 earlier today, which means that they’re on the right path to becoming a thing. “It’s All Good” isn’t as immediately engaging as their introduction, but it does feature all the same elements: a mishmash of weird samples, the same nonchalant and warm voice at the center, and an ugly-sweet hook, in this case: “It’s all good.” And it is pretty good! Listen below.

“It’s All Good” is out now.

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