Yung – “Nostalgia” Video

Yung – “Nostalgia” Video

2015 Band To Watch alumni Yung are following up last year’s debut album A Youthful Dream with a self-titled 7″ next month. Its lead single “Nostalgia” is a swooning alt-rock jangle that finds the Danish rockers foraging ever further into melodic territory. It arrives today with a video by Isabelle Creutsberg, who explains its concept thusly:

The music video is highly inspired by the song and the combination of the gloomy lyrics and dreamy melody. We wanted to portray fractions of different memories you wouldn’t necessarily want to identify with. Because of this, the scenes are all characterized by having been subjectively twisted by their viewer.

Parts of it has been planned and parts has been improvised collectively along the way. The logistics behind the different locations and characters sometimes brought us into some really absurd situations, which definitely affected the feel of the video as well.

Watch below.

The Yung 7″ is out 5/17 on Geertruida. Pre-order it here.

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