David Bowie’s Labyrinth Getting Soundtrack Reissue, New Spinoff Movie

Last year, Labyrinth celebrated its 30th anniversary. That, coupled with David Bowie’s recent death, has led to a renewed interest in the beloved Jim Henson film in which Bowie plays the role of the Goblin King. In May, the film’s soundtrack will be reissued on vinyl for the first time since its initial 1986 release. The soundtrack for the film features a score by Trevor Jones and five original Bowie songs, all of which will be included on the reissue.

In other Labyrinth news, it was recently announced that Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez will helm a “new retelling” of the film, but reports say that it will be more of a spin-off and will not feature Bowie’s Goblin King character.

Here’s the tracklist for the soundtrack reissue:

01 “Opening Titles Including Underground”
02 “Into The Labyrinth”
03 “Magic Dance”
04 “Sarah”
05 “Chilly Down”
06 “Hallucination”
07 “As The World Falls Down”
08 “The Goblin Battle
09 “Within You”
10 “Thirteen O’Clock”
11 “Home At Last”
12 “Underground”

Dance magic dance!

The Labyrinth soundtrack will be reissued 5/12 via UMe.