Heather Woods Broderick – “Home Winds” Video

Heather Woods Broderick – “Home Winds” Video

Heather Woods Broderick is releasing a new 7″ alongside a publication of photography by Benjamin Swett to raise awareness and funds for the NRDC to fight climate change. The two artists collaborated on the project alongside Planthouse Gallery, whose founder Katie Michel had Swett photograph her mother’s Home Winds Farm in Gladstone, New Jersey after she donated most of the land for preservation under the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program. Broderick’s tribute to the area is “Home Winds,” a ringing, looping psalm that draws upon her own memories of forests in the Northeast. “Home Winds,” alongside its B-side “Shoreline,” comes packaged with Swett’s book of photography, and from today until 6/22 an exhibition at Planthouse will be displaying both artists’ work.

In addition, Broderick filmed a visual accompaniment for “Home Winds,” which we’re premiering below. In the video, you see the songwriter strolling through pristine greenery across two frames. The effect is serene and arresting, inviting you into the world that these artists have become so deeply attached to so you may grow your own affection as well. “I feel far away from where I’m from,” Broderick sings. Hopefully she can rest assured that place will remain in tact, preserved to revisit whenever she needs to return once more.

Home Winds is out today. Order a copy of the publication here.

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