Vince Mira – “Una Vez”

After starting his music career by winning over the nation with Johnny Cash covers over 10 years ago, Seattle baritone Vince Mira is reemerging after settling down with his family. He is preparing for the release of his upcoming album El Radio, which features new single “Una Vez.” The throbbing track has an epic buildup with cavernous vocals, a dire percussive rhythm, and a flirtatious brass section. The mourning and drawl of Mira’s vocals emit vibes of unrelenting loss and a determination to claim the faded admiration of a lover. Mira explains the haunted meaning behind the song:

“Una Vez” is about love and loss. Having your true love taken away from you, leaving you with just your memories and dreams of what once was. It’s in those moments that una vez plays in your head. You’re wishing and praying for just one more chance to relive at least one of those little moments in your life.

El Radio is Mira’s redefinition of himself as a musician, pushing past the pigeonholing as “the Mexican Johnny Cash” that appeared on Ellen. “Una Vez,” with its drama and range, is a testament to that. Listen below.

El Radio is out 6/16.

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