Fyre Fest Ticketholders Have To Apply For Refunds

The horrifying and hilarious story of last week’s misbegotten Fyre Fest is not over yet. Even after the last-minute cancellation, the Ja Rule “NOT MY FAULT” apology, the news that models were warned not to show up, and the apparent plans for next year, this story continues to turn up new and amazing details. For instance: Today, we learn that people who bought those insanely expensive tickets for nights in anarchic disaster-relief camps won’t just automatically be refunded for those tickets. Instead, they have to apply for refunds!

Yesterday, festival co-founder Ja Rule tweeted that all the festival’s unfortunate guests are now “safe,” which is nice. But he also pointed out that they’ve all been sent “the form to apply for a refund.” Here’s that tweet:

And a tweet on the festival’s official twitter account — an account that, astonishingly, only began posting after the whole festival had turned to shit — also refers to “a form that will provide the necessary information to apply for a refund.” Here, look:

It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to automatically return everyone’s money, right? But that’s not what’s happening here. So: How likely is it that any of these people will actually get their money back, at least without getting lawyers involved?