Prince’s Family Is Developing A Reality Show

During his lifetime, Prince was one of our most enigmatic, mysterious pop-music presences. So it’s uniquely depressing to learn that the members of his family are planning a reality show about their lives after the man’s death.

Last month, Prince’s estate sued to block the release of Deliverance, a new EP of unreleased recordings that Prince made about 10 years ago, when he was an independent artist. A court has ordered producer George Ian Boxill to turn those recordings over to Prince’s family, though Boxill is still fighting that.

And now TMZ reports that Prince’s family wants those recordings so they can use them in a reality show that they’re hoping to make. The show is early in development, and Prince’s heirs have signed on with a production company, though they have no network as of yet. The show apparently “will focus on how their lives have changed since he died.” So yeah, let’s all get excited to watch the relatives of a dead genius talk about themselves.

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