Amber Coffman – “No Coffee” Video

Amber Coffman – “No Coffee” Video

At the end of March, Amber Coffman shared “No Coffee,” the second single following “All To Myself” from her debut solo album, City Of No Reply, alongside a statement about her departure from Dirty Projectors. Today, that song gets a gauzy video featuring Coffman in a pink-hued office in which she dumps coffee on herself, sings into a gasoline can, and has some chemistry with a large bald eagle. It’s a fun and inviting video for a song that matches those descriptors, and you can watch it below.

In a new interview with Pitchfork, Coffman talks about her forthcoming album, which is due out on 6/2. She’s a little cagey about discussing Longstreth or his involvement with the album (he served as a producer for at least part of the process) but did have this to add when asked about any parallels with the breakup-focused self-titled Dirty Projectors album from earlier this year:

What Dave has done wasn’t my choice. He has really nothing to do with my album, ultimately. I just want to put my record out, and it’s my first album; it’s been a lifelong dream, and a very intense journey for me as a person. I’m not thinking about that other stuff.

She also says she didn’t “want to be pinned down into any one style” on her first LP: “[That’s] why I veered away from working with electronic producers; I tried writing over beats people would give me, and it just felt too limiting. When I first started this whole journey, I didn’t really know how it was gonna come together or who was gonna work on it. It was very open.”


01 “All To Myself”
02 “No Coffee”
03 “Dark Night”
04 “City Of No Reply”
05 “Miss You”
06 “Do You Believe”
07 “If You Want My Heart”
08 “Nobody Knows”
09 “Under The Sun”
10 “Brand New”
11 “Kindness”

City Of No Reply is out 6/2 via Columbia Records.

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