Us And Us Only – “Bored Of Black”

Us And Us Only have been around in some form or another since 2009, but the Baltimore group has opted to put out a series of four EPs in that time through which they gradually developed their sound. So their forthcoming debut full-length, Full Flower, finds them fully-formed, and lead single “Bored Of Black” is evidence of that. It’s sleepy and plaintive in a way that sounds assured, and the vocals are pinched and warm. They’re reminiscent of Mutual Benefit’s Jordan Lee except placed on a sturdier landscape, which is important for when the song ramps up to its skeletal chorus: “I get lost walking to your house/ We all get bored/ We all get weirded out” — a universal sentiment that’s projected as absent-minded. Listen below.

01 “sun4u”
02 “Kno”
03 “Bored Of Black”
04 “Shame”
05 “My Mouth”
06 “Veiled – Forming”
07 “way2loud”
08 “Full Flower”
09 “Lawn”
10 “After Halloween Slump”
11 “Dresses”
12 “Winter Sails”

Full Flower is out 7/14 via Topshelf Records. Pre-order it here.