The Shins – “Panic” (The Smiths Cover)

A couple of months ago, after a long layoff, the Shins finally came back with Heartworms, their new album. And today, they’ve also released a new cover of a song they admire. James Mercer recorded his soft acoustic take on the Smiths’ 1986 classic “Panic” as a live-in-studio thing for Spotify. You have to figure that Mercer probably loves “Panic” more than ever these days; that hang-the-DJ sentiment must be pretty poignant for anyone in a regular rock band that now plays music festivals where the EDM-tent thumping threatens to drown out their own sets. And the new Spotify single version of “Panic” also features a live-in-studio take on the Shins’ recent single “Name For You.” Check it out below.

Heartworms is out now on Columbia. The best cover version of “Panic” will always be the street-punk one from the Business, but this one’s nice, too.