Ann Berretta – “Kill The Lights”

Richmond, Virginia’s Ann Berretta were quietly one of the best punk bands in the country for a few years in the late ’90s and early ’00s. They had a big, emotive, melodic, barrel-chested sound, and they did no-frills bluster in ways that must’ve made a whole lot of other bands envious. For more than a decade, they’ve only played shows intermittently, and they haven’t released any new music since their 2003 album Three Chord Revolution. But right now, Ann Berretta are planning to release two new albums: one of entirely new songs, another of re-recorded versions of old songs. And on a new 7″, they’re offering us a taste of both. The new single features the new song “Kill The Lights,” as well as a new version of “Forever Family,” which originally appeared on the 1999 album The Other Side Of The Coin. It’s to their credit that you can’t really tell which is which. Check out both songs below, via Brooklyn Vegan.

The new 7″ is coming soon on Say-10 Records; pre-order it here.

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