Lil Yachty – “Bring It Back” Video

Later this month, the ultra-divisive Atlanta rap insurgent Lil Yachty will release Teenage Emotions, his proper debut album. We’ve already posted the first two singles, “Harley” and the Migos collab “Peek A Boo.” And today, he’s shared a lush, lovely video for a perfectly perplexing new single called “Bring It Back.” The song itself is basically slick, sticky, ’80s-style adult contemporary, complete with saxophone solo. There is no rapping on it. And director Millicent Hailes’ video is essentially a climactic scene from a nonexistent ’80s teen movie. In the clip, we see Yachty going to his prom in a bright green tuxedo and peeling out in what appears to be a DeLorean. There’s also a bit where Yachty fronts an entire band of Lils Yachty. Watch it below.

Teenage Emotions is out 5/26 on Quality Control/Motown/Capitol.