Juana Molina – “Paraguaya” Video

Argentine musician Juana Molina’s new album Halo was released today, offering us an exciting new batch of material to sink our teeth into. We got tastes of the album just last month with the singles “Cosoco” and “Lentísimo Halo,” the latter of which was crowned as one of the 5 Best Songs of that week.

Molina follows up the dynamically beautiful music video for “Lentísimo Halo” with one for the Halo track “Paraguaya.” Her penchant for the experimental and strange is showcased again here, as a mysterious air overcasts the visuals and music. Mirrored footage of her singing is cut closely together, morphing her face into nothing but wide eyes and a tiny mouth on her round head. There’s rhythmic dancing in an empty room, disembodied statue heads floating in a tub, and a haphazardly cut cake at tea time. Check it all out in the video below.

Halo is out today via Crammed Discs.

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