UK Music Festival Websites Go Dark Today To Campaign Against Sexual Assault

We’re just at the beginning of the UK’s festival season, and, in an effort to make this year a little safer, some of the country’s biggest festivals are changing their websites today to help raise awareness of sexual assault. As The Guardian reports, festivals like Bestival, End Of The Road, Secret Garden Party, and Parklife are now holding a blackout campaign to help acquaint festivalgoers with concepts like consent. You can still visit the sites of those festivals, but their homepages, for the day, are given over to an animation about sexual assault.

28 of the UK’s music festivals are supporting the Safer Spaces campaign, and they’ve also signed a charter pledging zero tolerance for sexual assault at festivals. In recent years in the UK, there have been multiple reports of sexual assault at big festivals like Glastonbury and Reading — two festivals that are not participating in this campaign — so any action toward curbing that is a good thing.