Hear Father John Misty Talk Stage Musicals, Video Games, & His Next Album On The Celebration Rock Podcast

Every Father John Misty interview is an event, but we usually get to see just the most sensational and cutting quotes; we don’t get to hear the wheels turning in Josh Tillman’s head. But Steven Hyden, the rock critic who also hosts the rock-centric Celebration Rock podcast, just scored a coup by interviewing Tillman on his show. On Uproxx, Hyden writes that the Mist reached out to him and then agreed to the interview. And in his hour-and-a-half conversation with Hyden, Tillman discusses his plans for a Pure Comedy musical (which was apparently pretty far along). He also talks about hearing Nirvana in his religious, media-deprived youth and about playing video games with his old band Fleet Foxes. And he says that he’s already done writing his next album! Listen to the conversation below.

Pure Comedy is out now on Sub Pop.