CYMBALS – “Decay”

I’ve long been a fan of CYMBALS, the London duo that merges elements of shoegaze, dance-pop, and new wave into a uniquely captivating blend. So I’m happy to report that Jack Cleverly and Dan Simons will return this summer with a new album called Light In Your Mind. Lead single and first track “Decay” finds them veering their sound in an intriguing direction. They’ve added a string section alongside the blips and rhythms, which strikes me as a Depeche Mode-inspired improvement upon Clean Bandit’s “Mozart’s House.” Hear it below.


01 “Decay”
02 “Car Crash”
03 “Talk To Me”
04 “I Thought I Knew You”
05 “My Body (Winter Mix)”
06 “Where Nothing Can Be Defined”
07 “Splitting”
08 “Euphoric Recall”
09 “ASMR”
10 “Fully Automated Luxury”
11 “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Light In Your Mind is out 8/25 on Tough Love. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Emily Graham
Tags: Cymbals