Acclaimed Indie Musician Papa John’s Misty Begins Comedy Bang Bang Residency

Earlier today Father John Misty’s lengthy interview with the Celebration Rock podcast emerged. Now, just hours later, surrealist sketch comedy podcast Comedy Bang Bang has announced a yearlong residency by acclaimed indie musician Papa John’s Misty, known for his catchphrase “Mist it up” and the way his songs “distill the current landscape of corporate pizza.” Misty shows up about 20 minutes into the show. Below, hear him sing such lyrics as “I kiss the clitoris of the American witch” and “Why do I do this? Why do I sing songs about pizza to the plebes?”

To be clear, this is not one of Josh Tillman’s media stunts; it’s actually a character portrayed by Jon Daly, the comedian responsible for this spot-on Red Hot Chili Peppers parody among other achievements. Apparently he’s performed live as Papa Johns Misty before:

If we’re lucky, this will eventually result in a Father John Misty/Papa John’s Misty podcast encounter. Dare to dream!