Vic Mensa & Lil Durk Discuss Social Issues In Chicago For CNN’s United Shades Of America

Chicago natives Vic Mensa and Lil Durk shed light on their hometown on CNN’s United Shades Of America on Sunday night.

Joined by The Legendary Fya Man, Do or Die, Wild Wild Da General and G Syl, Mensa spoke on the misconceptions pervading Chi-Town. “When I hear people talk about Chicago and they’re afraid to come to the city, what they don’t recognize is that so much of the violence is centered in very specific areas because Chicago is so segregated. We’re on the north side right now in Lincoln Park,” says Mensa. “People might tell you to be careful coming to Chicago, but what the f— are you being careful about over here? There’s nothing to be careful about over here. This is a ridiculously safe neighborhood, and you have that in Chicago as you have ‘hoods in every city.”

Mensa also addressed how the faltering school systems are damaging the communities. “I think the solutions have to come down to investing in the communities. Because the schools have lost gym programs. They’ve lost music programs, because there’s no money being put into the schools. You’ve got schools in the same school district, but the black school is getting way less funding per student,” explains Mensa.

This isn’t the first time that Mensa candidly spoke his mind about political matters. Last year, Mensa shared his thoughts on Donald Trump’s win during the 2016 presidential election. “I’ve been having conversations with people from a movement right now about creating something a lot bigger than a Black Lives Matter campaign — something very inclusive. For us to make real change, we’re gonna need everyone and people of all different walks of life to recognize the part that they play and how these powers at hand affect them too.”

Take a look at the clips where Lil Durk also weighs in below:

This story originally appeared on Billboard.