Watch Chris Stapleton, Kevin Bacon, & Jimmy Fallon Play The Ridiculous Original Version Of ZZ Top’s “Legs”

Grizzled country megastar Chris Stapleton was on The Tonight Show last night, and as on previous late-night appearances, he proved that he’s perfectly willing to participate in goofy comedy bits. (His bit on Kimmel last year, singing the most irritating words in the English language, was pretty great.) On The Tonight Show last night, Jimmy Fallon brought in both Stapleton and Kevin Bacon for a recurring bit about the first drafts of classic rock songs. (It was Bacon’s second time doing it; he also did a sketch about Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” last year.)

This time around, the bit focused on ZZ Top’s 1983 megahit “Legs,” with Fallon, Stapleton, and Bacon all strapping on fake facial hair for the occasion. The joke, such as it is, is about how the song was originally just about how the girl in the song has the same body parts as everyone else. Sample lyrics: “She’s got a ribcage / I learned that from an X-ray / She’s got thumbs / She uses them to text me / What is texting? / What is texting? / It’s 1983.” But the level of production design — the fuzzy guitars that spin around, the hot rod from the Eliminator album cover — was pretty great. Check it out below.

While he was on the show, Stapleton and his band also performed a raw, bluesy rendition of “I Was Wrong,” one of the songs from his new album From A Room: Volume 1 . His guitar solos were almost as impressive as his voice. Here’s that video:

From A Room: Volume 1 is out 5/5 on Mercury Nashville.