Watch Roger Waters & An Orchestra Play “Déjà Vu” On Colbert

Just yesterday, Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd leader, shared the musically rich, lyrically cutting new song “Déjà Vu,” a song way better than anything I could’ve expected that man to come up with at this point in his career. “Déjà Vu” comes from the forthcoming Is This The Life We Really Want?, his first solo album in 25 years. And last night, Waters was on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, performing “Déjà Vu” and bringing the full force of his rich-older-man handsomeness. (Seriously, Roger Waters looks the way Richard Branson imagines Richard Branson looks.) Waters performed with a massive orchestra behind him — so many musicians, in fact, that the band spilled off the designated-for-musical-performers part of Colbert’s set and took over his entire stage. Watch it below.

Is This The Life We Really Want? is out 6/2 on Columbia.