Nice Try, Bow Wow

Shad Moss, the former kiddie rap star who was once known as Lil Bow Wow, has been caught committing the ultimate crime: Fake-stunting on Instagram. Bow Wow, who is taking part in a new reality show called Grown Up Hip Hop, was on a flight to New York to promote the show. And as his plane was taking off, he posted a photo of a private jet on his Instagram:

Here’s the problem: Bow Wow was not on that jet. He was on a commercial flight, and someone snapped a photo of him just a few minutes after he’d Instagrammed that photo:

Bow Wow was, of course, trending on Twitter for a very long time yesterday, even in the moments after James Comey was fired. And it gets better. As internet sleuths figured out and as the Huffington Post confirmed, Bow Wow’s photo of a jet actually comes from this website, which sells luxury transportation out of Fort Lauderdale. At least people are still flying him places!

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