D∆WN – “Lazarus” / “Love Under Lights” 3D Video

D?WN (aka Dawn Richard) has been experimenting with the music video form for the last couple of years, often integrating virtual reality experiences into her visuals. Her latest is an interactive 3D video for “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights,” two songs from last year’s Redemption full-length. Dubbed “Lazarus Under Lights,” the music video is split into two different parts to reflect the tracks — the first sees Richard dancing in front of a huge window against a glittery, ever-shifting backdrop while the back half is a deconstructed 3D animation glitch that responds to your cursor’s movements. It was directed by Monty Marsh and designed by digital artists Sam Rolfes and Isaac Cohen. Watch and play around with it below.

D?WN will appear on tonight’s episode of Jimmy Fallon alongside Dirty Projectors and Tyondai Braxton.