Watch An Intense, Hungover-Looking Conor Oberst Play James Corden

A couple of months ago, veteran indie soul-barer Conor Oberst released Salutations, the full-band album that reworked the spare, haunted solo songs from Ruminations, the spare LP that he released last year. And last night, Oberst was on James Corden to perform “Too Late To Fixate,” the Salutations opener and one of the album’s songs that didn’t originally appear on Ruminations. Oberst sat at a piano, with one of those harmonica-holder things around his neck, and played with his band behind him. He looked like a surly, hungover barfly, which is a good look for Oberst but also a weird one when he’s in the immediate vicinity of an unctuous, overeager energy-machine like Corden. Watch it below.

Salutations is out now on Nonesuch.