Stream Yung’s New Self-Titled EP

Stream Yung’s New Self-Titled EP

When we last heard from Yung, Mikkel Holm Silkjær’s project had just released last year’s debut album A Youthful Dream. Today the Danish Band To Watch are sharing their follow-up, a self-titled EP to be released tomorrow as a 7″. It contains three tracks: “Irregular Fears,” “Bitter,” and “Nostalgia” (which they released in video form last week). “Irrgeular Fears” is a rumbling opener singed by Silkjær’s grainy vocals and muffled rhythmic distortion. The proceding two tracks slow it down, melancholia still intact, with dazed melodies and airy backing vocals. Riddled with anxious lyricism and many varieties of distortion, it’s a well-balanced ride of gloom and vibrancy. Stream it below.

Yung is out 5/17 on Geertruida. Pre-order it here.

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