New Danger Doom – “Mincemeat”

New Danger Doom – “Mincemeat”

As pretty much everyone knows, MF Doom and DJ Danger Mouse are finishing up an album (as Danger Doom) called “The Mouse and the Mask.” Doom’s been putting out awesome stuff since KMD (“Sweet Premium Wine” will be played at my funeral) and, even though Danger Mouse didn’t achieve his current level of fame until the Grey Album was everywhere, he’s been awesome since forever. What’s not to like about a collaboration?

Well, on this one, they’re using a lot of sound clips from Adult Swim (ok) but they’re being recorded specially for the record (buh?). Yep- that means that you’re going to hear Space Ghost say things like (and this is a direct quote): “You think I’m just going to hand over my show to you, Doom? Have you lost your fucking mind? Yeah, sure, here are the keys to the show. Why don’t you drive for a while?”

Something about having recognizeable cartoon voices actually interact with the MCs feels too gimmicky. If I want Adult Swim-related rap, I’ll go to MC Chris (the voice of MC Pee Pants, among others) every time.

Anyway, if you liked anything Doom or Danger Mouse have done before, you’ll like this one.

Danger Doom – “Mincemeat” (MP3 Link Removed)

I’m a lot more interested in Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse’s collaboration with Cee-Lo, but the web site has nothing but an image on it, even though the album’s supposed to be done. Does anyone have any mp3s? Update: You guys rock. Thanks!

(Can I commission a rap/TSOP mashup called MFSB Doom?)