Stream The Mountain Goats Goths

One of the great things about news of a new Mountain Goats album is finding out what the concept is going to be. All Mountain Goats albums are concept albums, and the last few concepts have been especially inspired. The band’s last album, 2015’s Beat The Champ, was entirely set in the shadowy subculture of professional wrestling, and the new album Goths tackles a very different shadowy subculture: Goth, particularly in its ’80s Californian form. The lyrics are an absolute blast, and they’re also often insightful and moving. And the music is lush and lovely in a new way for the band; the liner notes proudly proclaim that Goths uses no guitar whatsoever. We’ve already posted the early tracks “Andrew Edritch Is Moving Back To Leeds” and “Rain In Soho,” and now you can stream the entire thing below, via NPR.

Goths is out 5/19 on Merge. Read our Beat The Champ-era cover story on the Mountain Goats here.