Travis Scott – “Green & Purple,” “Butterfly Effect,” & “A Man”

Here’s a strategy that a lot of rappers have been trying lately: Throwing a few new songs up on SoundCloud at the same time, to see if any of them take off organically. It worked beautifully for Lil Uzi Vert recently; that’s how he introduced “XO Tour Llif3,” by far his biggest hit. And now champion wave-rider Travis Scott is doing something similar. Last night, he shared three new songs on SoundCloud. “Green And Purple” is a staggered, bleary eyed trap thumper with an appearance from surging Atlanta kid Playboi Carti. “Butterfly Effect” is low-key and melodic, with some sharp production from Drake collaborator Murda Beatz. And “A Man” is a direct, confident slap, and it’s probably the most fun of the three. All of them sound very much like Travis Scott. Listen to all three below.

As I’m typing this, “Butterfly Effect” is the new song with the most streams; we’ll see which one ends up the winner.