Rancid – “Telegraph Avenue” Video

Rancid – “Telegraph Avenue” Video

Earlier this month, the great punk rock veterans Rancid announced the impending release of their new album Trouble Maker, and they shared a video of themselves playing first single “Ghost Of A Chance” in an actual garage. And now they’ve done the same thing for “Telegraph Avenue,” the second song they’ve shared from the album. Where “Ghost Of A Chance” was a pretty good Rancid song, “Telegraph Avenue” is a truly great Rancid song, one that can hang with their classics. At 3:20, it’s crazy long for this band, and with its reflective, memory-soaked lyrics and its reliance on acoustic-guitar strumming, it’s got a serious folk influence. But its huge na-na-na chorus sounds like sun breaking through clouds. Honestly, it’s inspiring that these guys are able to make a song like this at this late date. Check it out below.

Trouble Maker is out 6/9 on Epitaph.

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