Big Boi – “Mic Jack” (Feat. Adam Levine) Video

Big Boi – “Mic Jack” (Feat. Adam Levine) Video

Lately, Big Boi, one half of the legendary OutKast, has been working on a solo album called Boomiverse, and he teamed up with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for the euphorically funky single “Mic Jack.” Today, as The FADER reports, he’s confirmed that the album will be out next month and that it’ll also feature the Killer Mike/Jeezy collab “Kill Jill.” And he’s shared a gleefully ridiculous “Mic Jack” video, in which he rocks a fur coat on a spaceship. There’s also a part where Big Boi is floating in the void of space and he opens his spacesuit visor so that he can rap, which seems ill-advised. Levine, for whatever reason, plays a harried dry cleaner. Watch it below.

Boomiverse is out 6/16 on Epic.

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