Watch Chuck Berry’s First-Ever Music Video

Chuck Berry lived an entire 90-year life without ever making what we’ve now come to define as a music video, though he spent plenty of time performing on TV and in movies. But there is now a Chuck Berry music video, and there is dabbing in it. Berry isn’t in the new video for “Big Boys,” a song from Chuck, the album that Berry recorded before he passed away in March. (Chuck is Berry’s first album in 38 years, so he pretty much missed the entire music-video era.) Berry isn’t in the “Big Boys” video, though directors Matt Bizer and Curtis Wayne Millard claim that he was still alive when they started making it. Instead, it revolves around a raucous dance party featuring a crowd of teenagers, an adorable and very limber kid, and a Berry impersonator. Watch it below, via NPR.

Chuck is out 6/16 on Dualtone.