Terry – “Take Me To The City” Video

Last year, the charming Australian quartet Terry — which features members of Total Control, Dick Diver, and Mick Harvey’s band — released two EPs and a full-length album, and they’re following that up with another LP, called Remember Terry, later this year. “Take Me To The City” is its supremely likable lead single about the pleasures of getting away to somewhere that feels anonymous and free. The verses hum with the complacency of a life lived on the periphery, but the chorus picks up and mimics the city’s hustle and bustle as all the band members, pushed along by handclaps, harmonize in quick succession: “Take me to the city, let’s dance, that’s all/ Take me to the city, bright lights, that’s all.” It’s a simple request, and Terry make a idea of a getaway seem immensely appealing. The new song is attached to a video that puts the band’s goofy sense of humor front-and-center against a white backdrop. Watch and listen below.

01 “Rio”
02 “Start The Tape”
03 “Take Me To The City”
04 “Risk”
05 “Give Up The Crown”
06 “Heavin’ Heavies”
07 “Glory”
08 “Gun”
09 “The Colonel”
10 “Homage”

Remember Terry is out 6/30 via Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order it here.

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