Zane Lowe Is Teasing An Insane List Of Guests For New Vince Staples Album

The Beats 1 Radio big man Zane Lowe seems to love Vince Staples. And yesterday, when Staples shared his new single and video “Big Fish” and announced that his album Big Fish Theory will be out next month, he also sat down and chopped it up with Staples. In the wake of that interview, Lowe has been tweeting a completely absurd list of artists, some or all of whom might be guests on the album. Observe:

According to people on Reddit who actually heard the interview, Staples called all those artists “homies,” and he didn’t say that they’re on the album. Still, Lowe presumably knows what’s going on with Staples’ album, and why would he be tweeting this if they weren’t on it? So who even knows. But let’s all try to imagine how it might sound if Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, Gorillaz, Flume, A$AP Rocky, and SOPHIE all showed up on a Vince Staples album.