Stream The Crimetown Podcast Soundtrack

If you have friends who are into podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Crimetown, Gimlet Media’s show exploring organized crime and corruption in different American cities. The recently wrapped-up first season took a look at the seamy side of Providence, Rhode Island politics, and to celebrate the end of the season, Crimetown is releasing a soundtrack featuring songs from the show. It’s a mix of original scoring from Edwin, Bienart, and Jon Ivans and existing pop music cuts from artists like the Tills, James Swanberg, John Kusiak, and Vanessa Bley, and you can hear the whole thing below. Crimetown also did a special bonus episode about the making of the music in the show, which you can find here.

Crimetown Soundtrack: Season One is out now via DOT Records. You can purchase it on iTunes here.

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