Ex-Foo Fighters Guitarist Criticizes Chris Cornell For Committing Suicide

Chris Cornell’s unexpected death was officially ruled a suicide by Detroit police on Thursday, although his family is disputing that he “knowingly and intentionally” killed himself. In the wake of his tragic passing, UltimateGuitar reports that Franz Stahl, a member of Dave Grohl’s early band Scream who played guitar in Foo Fighters for a few years, posted a note on Facebook criticizing Cornell for “selfishly” committing suicide:

Wow…I find it very sad as a father to see all these sad eulogies for your fallen kept rockstars where the real sadness is what so selfishly was left behind…his children. They are forever now without a father…a pillar of love…safety…strength…guidance.

You wanna off yourself cause your incapacitated or brain dead shitting yourself and a burden to everyone so be it. But just think of your kids and how fucked it all will be now.

Now I loved Soundgarden…but Audiosoave was fucking lamesville…but does all that really matter to his kids? They just wanted to see your face when you got home…to hear your voice..to feel your hugs…to barrow the fucking car to go to In and Out Burger. Thanks Dad…

Obviously, imagining suicide to be a “selfish” act is a completely wrong-headed and unempathetic way of thinking. The note has since been deleted.


If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.