Watch U2 Take Over Jimmy Kimmel Live & Play Two Songs

Right now, U2 have taken their classic album The Joshua Tree out on tour, celebrating its 30th anniversary by playing it in full every night. And when they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Kimmel more or less turned his entire show over to the band. Kimmel spent the bulk of the show interviewing the band.

When it came time to perform, U2 played “The Little Things That Give You Away,” the new song that they debuted at the Joshua Tree tour opener earlier this month. It’s the clearest version of the song that we’ve yet gotten to hear. And as a bonus, they also did their classic “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” with the Seleh Gospel Choir backing them up.

And during their interview with Kimmel, the members of the band talked about who the least-liked member of the band is (Bono, obviously), the time that the band opened for themselves while disguised as a country group, the advice they got from Bruce Springsteen, and a whole lot of other stuff. U2 also talked about when the next album would be out — sometime in the next 27 years. It was a fun, disarming conversation, but there were also some serious moments, as when Bono said some heartfelt words about the terrorist attack in Manchester and also said, in so many words, that Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about his own voters. Below, watch both performances and the full interview.

The 30th-anniversary box-set version of The Joshua Tree is out now.

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