The Avalanches Say Their Next Album Is Coming Soon

The last time the Avalanches recorded an album, they took their sweet time with it. Wildflower, the Australian production collective’s sophomore album, came out a full 16 years after Since I Left You, their classic debut. But there’s a chance that we could get to hear a new Avalanches album before we’re all in retirement homes. In fact, the group says that their third album will be arriving soon.

The group recently stopped by Australia’s FBi Radio and said that they’ve been making great progress on a new record and that they’ve already got eight new songs. Here’s how a member of the group put it:

In the few weeks since we’ve been home from the States, me and Tony have just been writing. It’s flowing so quickly. I think getting Wildflower out of the way and following up Since I Left You feels like a weight’s been lifted. The [new] music is really light, it’s some of the best stuff we’ve done… We’ve got eight songs we’re playing to the label on Monday. Who knows when [they’ll be out]? Next year? It’s definitely soon.

But if they just go into suspended animation for the next 16 years anyway, don’t say we didn’t warn you.