Legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer To Retire From KROQ After 40 Years

Ever since 1976, the legendary Los Angeles radio DJ Rodney Bingenheimer has hosted the weekly radio show Rodney On The ROQ on the LA radio station KROQ. Bingenheimer, who was an LA scenester long before he got on the radio, was instrumental in helping to popularize much of the punk, new wave, and hardcore that was bubbling in the late ’70s and early ’80s. He was an early advocate of bands like the Runaways, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, and the Germs. In recent years, he’s remained devoted to playing relatively undiscovered new artists, and he’s remained a final bridge to a glamorous, decadent rock past. But he’s now ready to hang it up.

Variety reports that Bingenheimer will host his final show on KROQ next week. In a statement, he says, “It has been an amazing run, and I will be thanking all of you when I say goodbye to KROQ next week. I am planning on some special callers and special music as I say a proper goodbye.” Below, check out the trailer for Mayor Of The Sunset Strip, the 2003 documentary about Bingenheimer.

Bingenheimer’s final show on KROQ will air 6/5 from midnight to 3AM.