Wiz Khalifa Had The Worst Memorial Day Tweet

Yesterday, most Americans spent the long Memorial Day weekend attending to the annual incoherent tradition of grilling food and drinking beer while still, somehow, supposedly remembering the American soldiers who have died in wars throughout history. It doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what we do. And on Twitter, Wiz Khalifa got a whole lot of people mad by being maybe slightly too honest about what most of us do on Memorial Day:

As HipHopDX points out, this led to a whole lot of people getting ostentatiously patriotic with Wiz in his Twitter replies (as well as plenty of dumb, arcane arguments playing out in Wiz’s mentions). A few hours after he left that Tweet, Wiz tried to do some damage control:

Yeah, that is definitely not what he meant. Wiz should take lessons from Pitbull on how to do weirdly self-aggrandizing holiday tweets without pissing anyone off:

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