Mac DeMarco Befriends Tom Green, The Mac DeMarco Of The ’90s

Back in the ’90s, comedian Tom Green poured his absurdist impulses into a program called The Tom Green Show, which was a hit throughout Green’s native Canada for years before MTV picked it up in 1999. For the uninitiated, the most memorable artifact from that show was “The Bum Bum Song,” a one-joke comedy single in which Green sung with toddler-like glee about putting his butt on everything: “My bum is on the rail,” “My bum is on the man,” etc. Here:

Green was a huge deal among adolescents like myself at the time, and you won’t be surprised to learn he counts indie rock merry prankster Mac DeMarco as a fan. It makes too much sense, actually. Green was a sort of spiritual ancestor for DeMarco, though DeMarco has contributed more valuable creative output than Green ever did. Anyway, they ran into each other on the street in London today, and DeMarco was apparently pretty stoked about it:


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He even invited Green to his show tonight, but it’s unclear whether Green intends to attend:

DeMarco plays O2 Academy Brixton tonight.