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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The best bit of music-related video I saw all this week — and you may have seen it earlier — was that one Master Of None moment where a whole mob of friends and strangers take over an after-hours New York fast-food joint and dance to the Vengaboys’ immortal cheeseball anthem “We Like To Party!” If only every music video could capture the instant bonding-with-everyone power of even the most gloriously dumb pop song. Most of them don’t. Some of them are good anyway. This week’s picks are below.

5. Vagabon – “Fear & Force” (Dir. Zadie)

A tiny little indie-film story, told with empathy and some real visual style, done without the benefit of dialog. That means we don’t quite understand why that plot twist happens, but it’s still a nice piece of visual storytelling. Videos like this are difficult to pull off, but when they work, they can be nourishing.

4. Mura Masa – “All Around The World” (Feat. Desiigner) (Dir. Yoni Lappin)

Gorgeously-composed single-take drone-camera stunting, shot at the golden hour by the beach, with just a touch of context at the end.

3. Arcade Fire – “Everything Now” (Dir. The Sacred Egg)

Two consistently great music video genres — band-performs-in-the-desert and quiet-inevitable-apocalypse — smashed into one, with nice tailoring. A neat trick. Too bad about the song.

2. Foo Fighters – “Run” (Dir. Dave Grohl)

This starts out like a dumb joke-video concept and then gets more and more insane. By the time it hits its “Thriller”-dance finale, I am very much on board.

1. Mike Will Made-It – “Perfect Pint” (Feat. Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, & Kendrick Lamar) (Dir. Nabil)

Rae Sremmurd’s version of Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas is way, way more fun than Johnny Depp’s version of Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas.