Aphex Twin Has Launched A Countdown In Conjunction With Mysterious 12″

Over the weekend, Aphex Twin did his first-ever livestream of his headlining set at London’s Field Day. He also sold an unlabeled 12″ at the festival — similar to the one he sold at the Day For Night festival in December — containing new music from the enigmatic producer, and today he’s followed that up with a ~mysterious~ countdown on the Warp site that leads to something happening 31 days from now (aka Thursday 7/6). Intriguing!

Aphex also used his Soundcloud account to post some comments about how the Field Day performance will be archived:

hi just checkin quickly to to say thanks to all the lush people I met in the last few days, its been a fucking trip and quite mental.. just about got my hearing back 80%.. after field day just in time for Dublin..were going to put the field day video back up with multiple audio sources, mics, desk mix, my booth etc, with sliders so you can make your own mix hopefully even put user sliders for delay as well to time correct it to your liking, fingers crossed gunna try and do it before i go to porto, not sleeping to get it all done, got to do some repairs to the modular as well, thanks all, see you ont’ tuther side

[…] also loads of you interested in the setup..running a few progs, Traktor/msp and eurorack modular..dont often use Traktor but its ok but pisses me off it doesn’t do multiple bpms per track, come on NI get with the ‘programme’ will put a modular grid config up to shut you all up :)

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