Kristin Kontrol Scores Nicolas Cage Movie

Kristin Kontrol Scores Nicolas Cage Movie

In recent years, Kristin Welchez, the (former?) leader of Dum Dum Girls, has been making icy synthpop under the name Kristin Kontrol. And now Pitchfork reports that she’s teamed up with Andrew Miller, a producer who worked on the Kristin Kontrol album X-Communicate, to form a songwriting and production duo called Hunny Music. And for their first project, they’re putting together a score for a Nicolas Cage movie.

According to Pitchfork, they’re doing the score for Looking Glass, a forthcoming movie from River’s Edge director Tim Hunter. It stars Cage and Robin Tunney (from The Craft!) as “a couple who experience strange events at the desert motel they recently purchased.” So: The Shining, but with hot weather? That sounds very watchable!

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