Avey Tare (Officially) Announces New Album Eucalyptus

Animal Collective co-leader Avey Tare announced his upcoming LP Eucalyptus in an unconventional way last month, mailing a jigsaw puzzle of the album artwork to one lucky fan. And today, he’s officially announced it in the usual way, with a press release and everything. The album is indeed called Eucalyptus, and it’ll be out in July. Recorded by Avey’s Animal Collective bandmate Deakin, it also features his Slasher Flicks cohort Angel Deradoorian and Jessika Kenney, and it has chamber orchestration arranged by Eyvind Kang. Check out the tracklist below.


01 “Season High”
02 “Melody Unfair”
03 “Ms. Secret”
04 “Lunch Out of Order Pt. 1″
05 “Lunch Out of Order Pt. 2″
06 “Jackson 5″
07 “DR Aw One For J”
08 “PJ”
09 “In Pieces”
10 “Selection Of A Place”
11 “Boat Race”
12 “Roamer”
13 “Coral Lords”
14 “Sports In July”
15 “When You Left Me”

Eucalyptus is out 7/21 on Domino.