Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “By Your Side” (Sade Cover)

Earlier this year, we ran a whole column on all the artists, over the years, who have covered Sade’s great 2000 ballad “By Your Side.” And now another artist has joined the party. The experimental electronic composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has released her own version of “By Your Side,” and it’s a humming, blipping, post-human thing, with Smith turning her own vocals into Auto-Tuned clouds. But it still keeps all the subtle romantic grace of the original. Listen to Smith’s version and read what she has to say about it below.

Smith writes:

Lovers Rock was the album I listened to the most when I was 15 and decided to start writing songs. Sade has always been a favorite vocalist of mine – so emotive and honest and true. To me, her voice glides naturally across genders and genres, which is a quality I also work to embody with my vocals. Sade is pure class in my book.

You can buy Smith’s version of “By Your Side” at Bandcamp.