Watch Courtney Love Talk New Music, Memoir On Seth Meyers

This weekend, the Lifetime movie about the Menendez brothers’ murders that Courtney Love has a starring role in is making its grand debut, and she went on Late Night With Seth Meyers as a guest. Love talked a little bit about the movie, but mostly shed some light on the memoir she’s writing — which is currently on its second ghostwriter — and how that, though she has a lot of secrets to keep, anything that’s publicly on her Wikipedia page is fair game. She also talks about the friendship that resulted from touring with Lana Del Rey and some of the music she’s been listening to (the Kills, Jack White) and some music of her own that she’s working on, which she says is rock-based but needs some beats. Watch Love’s interview segments below.

Love also talked about the University Of Kentucky linebacker who is also named Courtney Love.